AFOX Corporation was established in 2008 after 6 years OEM experience under

the name of APOGEE B.S. Today, with headquarters in Hong Kong and Taiwan, the

AFOX company employs 430 people; hosts a manufacturing plant in Shenzhen; engages

R&D in both China and Taiwan; and boasts representative offices in USA, China

and Russia. Businesswise, it still holds the manufacture of graphic cards at its core,

but additionally offers CPU coolers, motherboards, notebooks and – the latest in its

growing product-range – USB 3.0 accessories. Quality being the highest among

several well-founded priorities, AFOX works continuously to ensure the stability of

AFOX its products – a policy which has secured its position as a recognizable brand with

manifold compatibility and a rapidly expanding market presence. In testament to its

vision, the company has penetrated markets worldwide and cemented a client-

base in Japan, Australia, Russia, Germany, Poland, the USA, South African

AFOX Republic, China, UAE, all in the pass decade. It has now turned its attention to the

western European Market and is currently inviting other companies to take part in

its ever-growing success.

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